Abstracts are currently being accepted for BEWS2017. Symposium topics are listed below.

1.     Conservation and protection of biodiversity

2.     Collection, documentation and inventory of plant biodiversity

3.     Taxonomical researches in plant biodiversity

4.     Characterization of biodiversity (molecular, morphological, biochemical, physiological, genetical and cytological)

5.     Cultivation and domestication of wild species (incl. Tissue culture techniques)

6.     Biogeographical aspects of plant biodiversity

7.     Geographic information systems in plant biodiversity and agriculture

8.     Agricultural biotechnology for biodiversity and plant breeding

9.     Hybridization between crops and wild relatives

10.   Biodiversity, foods, nutrition and health

11.   Processing and post-harvest technologies linked to wild edible foods

12.   Ethnobotany

13.   Economics of plant diversity

14.   Sustainable utilization of biodiversity